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Laser Tech began as a job shop cutting service, cutting parts for other companies. They spent the first ten years of the business learning the capabilities of the lasers and the specifics of cutting many different materials. In 1996 Roman was building a new home and decided to add a medallion in the foyer. After searching for a quality unique medallion and not finding one to satisfy his need, Roman decided to design and create his own medallion. This became the beginning of a new venture and in 1997 Atlanta Inlaid Floors was developed as a spinoff of Laser Tech. With the vast knowledge of the laser process and the many years of experience we are able to create medallions and borders without voids, seams or gaps, thus producing some of the highest quality inlays available today.

Atlanta Inlaid Floors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Laser Tech. Laser Tech was started in 1987 by Chris Nowak and Roman Hager. Chris and Roman were some of the first people in the United States to begin working with lasers to create accurate parts with very close tolerances. They have worked with several laser manufactures over the years to help them develop and refine the laser process, which is used in the creation of medallions and borders.

Why buy from Atlanta Inlaid Floors

Atlanta Inlaid Floors is committed to our customers and prides itself on delivering quality services at an affordable price. It is our attention to detail, our willingness to sell directly to the homeowner and the ability to make custom changes that separates us from our competition. It is also important to note that all of our work is done at our facility in Buford, Georgia. We do not work with anyone overseas and never will. Each medallion is laser cut and hand assembled at our location by skilled craftsmen. We believe in our products so much we offer a lifetime warranty on the items we sell. Our medallions and borders can be sanded and refinished along with the surrounding flooring.

At Atlanta Inlaid Floors, we don’t think it’s necessary to hide our prices or send you to someone else to buy our products. Homeowners can purchase directly from us or you can have your builder or Architect contact us and they will receive a wholesale price and can purchase directly from us as well. We believe in dealing directly with our customers to ensure the quality and buying experience is the best in the industry. This also speeds up the process of getting you the product, usually in less than 2 weeks from your initial call to Atlanta Inlaid Floors. Please don’t hesitate to contact Roman or Chris at anytime during your buying process with Atlanta Inlaid Floors as both would be glad to help assist in your buying process.

Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure of who can install your medallion. We are members of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and we can usually recommend several members in your area who are qualified to install medallions and borders.

We also have very talented designers on our staff that can help you create a custom design, or feel free to modify any of our existing medallions or borders with design changes or wood species changes. Our motto has always been “If you can dream it, we can make it.”

Atlanta Inlaid Floors designs, manufactures and assembles all of our products at our facility in Buford, Georgia. We also have a showroom displaying a large variety of our medallions and borders. Our customers are welcome to visit us anytime, please call to make an appointment.

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